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It all starts with people, resources and culture to achieve competitiveness in building efficient and reliable solutions.

In today′s world, the importance of a well-executed web presence cannot be underestimated.

iQT (iQual Tech) incorporation idea was generated during a brainstorming process of its two founders, during which the vision that the today’s market needs a different approach, where iQT service quality, technical expertise, undoubtable ethics, trust and commitment to the end-user’s needs will create a solid base for a mutual fruitful collaboration with its clients. 

Here we are, putting the first tiles of a nice story to tell in years and hoping for a bright common future.

A Team of Distinguished Pros

Our service quality, technical expertise, undoubtable ethics, trust and commitment to the End-User’s needs is positioning us as:

u  the Local Support & Business Developer of the best worldwide technology suppliers

u  the Expert Advisor of Romanian End-Users

u  the Best Partner of Romanian IT&C integrators

Gabriel Militaru

Gabriel Militaru

Experienced senior manager with a demonstrated history of 15+ years working in the telecommunications industry, having a strong IT&C background.
Razvan Preda

Razvan Preda

Master of engineering with 12+ years of experience in IT systems. 3 years of experience in Management and Business Administration

Our Services

Our main capabilities related to Integrated Design & Delivery Solutions are:–          Establishing integrated,

With us providing our Project Management Services, you are secured in every phase

We help you design the optimum IT Architecture for your business needs by:–         

When performing System Benchmarks, we follow some basic steps:–          Study the product/technology/function to

Our team of specialized experts in engineering cover a wide range of services

To deliver outstanding Feasibility Studies we focus on:–          The performance of the propositions;–